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Hypnotherapists - do you work successfully with IBS?

As a hypnotherapist working with IBS clients and patients, you already know the relief that can be brought to your clients/patients using hypnotherapy.

Do you want more clients? 

If you have a successful practice and a successful track record working with IBS clients/patients, we want you to join us!

The IBS Register of Therapists, brings together IBS sufferers and successful therapists who understand the distress the IBS condition brings to those living with IBS and their loved ones and can do something positive to help.

Why not join us? We are creating more awareness each week - and we got your attention!  We are serious about IBS, and together we can change lives for the better.

Membership starts at only £65 a year for a basic listing and £85 per year for a pages listing - see what you get for that!

We look forward to welcoming you

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