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About us

The IBS Register is a site developed to help IBS sufferers of all ages. By bringing together therapists who understand IBS and have experience working with people living with IBS.

The site was developed by Michael Mahoney who is a recognised IBS therapist who has been helping IBS sufferers since 1991

The IBS Register - here to help!

As this site grows it will bring together experienced IBS therapists from many disciplines who have a keen interest, and a successful track record in helping people living life with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

The talking therapies of Hypnotherapy, CBT, and Mindfulness have proven to help manage and reduce IBS symptoms.

As we grow we will be inviting other therapeutic disciplines to join us, and it is hoped, between us, we will be able to provide IBS sufferers with a place to find not only qualified and experienced therapists of varying disciplines, but also reliable information, products to help IBS sufferers and much more.

The IBS Register concept was first developed in 1996 and became a reality in 1997, providing services to sufferers and therapists alike. After many years, it was decided the IBS Register should be mothballed until the technology to do more was available. And now it is!

From those early years, we bring together more experience, better technology, wider delivery and an altogether better offering than in the past.

We are now busy putting the final touches to our site and testing to ensure functionality is as we want it to be. At that time, we will be inviting qualified and experienced therapists from around the world to be part of our exciting journey.

If you are a therapist with a proven track record of helping IBS sufferers, contact us and tell us you are out there waiting!

For IBS sufferers and therapists alike, there is hope, excitement and opportunity ahead.

Thank you for your patience.

Living with IBS - keep checking back.